How to get FREE LEADS on facebook (content in our private fb group)

BELOW IS JUST A  SCRATCH OFF OF THE SURFACE of additional FREE training & tools you get being a part of our master mind facebook private group!

Most of the videos can only be seen once you are a member but at least you can see the titles.

Here is a little of the HOW TO GET FREE LEADS content in our facebook group!

URGENT- SEE# 1 for example!  This is how easy learning & doing is here!

How To Get Leads // Prospecting // Aweber // Target Market
By Aron Parker in The Neucopia Power Team (Files) · Edit Doc
Make sure you watch ALL of these training videos that are PRIVATE only for our team! Start at the top and work your way down...

1) HOW To Get FREE Leads Using Facebook! - This is exactly what I do... Be sure to watch BOTH parts of this training...

2) What to do with your prospects? - What to say - How to say it - 3Way Calls - When to call - Much More! This will help you get qualified FAST!!! -

3) Using the Neucopia Capture Pages with or without Aweber -

4) The 3 Stories That Leads You To Massive Success In Neucopia! (MUST WATCH!) -

5) LIVE Dials! COLD Calling LEADS & HOW To Do 3-Way Calls -

6) Using Facebook EVENTS To Build Your Neucopia Business... learn why this is a GOOD and BAD way to market online...

7) A PERFECT Target Market... Empower Network members!  Watch these TWO videos for some awesome ammo when talking to EN members...

8) Facebook Sponsored / Promoted Posts on your personal Facebook profile - Did you know that most of your Facebook friends and subscribers who are online don't even see the posts on your personal Facebook profile? Well... it's true! In this video you will find out why that is and what you can do about it. Using Facebook Sponsored / Promoted Posts on your personal profile will bring you twice as many people who actually see your post!

9) Why Do People Really Join Neucopia? - Watch this to find out...


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